Phraseotranslatology is a field of applied phraseology that takes into account the translation of phraseology (or phraseotranslation) as its object of study. It deals with the theoretical and practical aspects of translation and their relation to the phraseological texture of the texts.

Phraseological texture

Phraseological texture represents the set of PU used in a text or speech. It constitutes a framework that contributes to discursive coherence and cohesion. Without it, the text has no form or meaning. In this texture, PUs act as connectors, and argumentative and modal elements.

Phraseologization and Idiomatization process for Translation

The process of translation for PUs may follow different patterns according to the different translators’ approaches. Some of these are based on the use of two concepts, phraseologization, or translation of phraseological texture from the source text into the target text, and idiomatization, or idiomatic adaptation of the original co-text to the translated co-text.


Phraseotranslatological methods

Phraseotranslatological methods may vary according to each translator. Translators that take in account the presence of the phraseological texture in a source text can use phraseologization and idiomatization techniques by means of concordances, correspondences and equivalences.