The main goal of Phraseodidactics is the teaching and learning of phraseology in a broad sense, that is, the teaching-learning of any element considered as a phraseological unit. The didactics and acquisition of these PU must be done in both mother tongue and foreign language, with an approach that includes all aspects of communicative competence (linguistic, sociolinguistic and pragmatic competences).


Phraseological competence

Phraseological competence involves mastering both oral and written comprehension and production of the PU in context. This kind of competence is related to the linguistic and sociocultural competences in either native or foreign language.


Phraseodidactic patterns

The elaboration of educational units for the teaching-learning of the PU requires pedagogical models designed according to well-established criteria. For the design of these models, it will be necessary to apply phraseodidactic approaches that take into account the properties of the PU and the competences that are to be acquired.



All current resources (dictionaries, methods, exercise books, etc.), digital or on paper, should be made available to students during the acquisition process. Others may arise from the needs of their training. They will be of a varied nature, previous request or on demand, and depending on the new formats.