Imago Mundi - An Overview of Metaphor: Creativity, Phraseology & Discourse

Università degli Studi di Cagliari. Dipartimento di Lettere, Lingue e Beni Culturali - 9-11 May 2024

Philosophers and linguists have always reflected on the centrality of metaphor in human thought. This long reflection has demonstrated, over the centuries, how important this notion is for the definition of the concepts, archetypes and models that populate daily life. The metaphor operates on everyday language to satisfy a stylistic pretext, a lexical inopia, to translate a series of creative processes that cross the threshold of the logical-inferential process. In this sense, the first step consists in taking note of the linguistic and cognitive dimension of the metaphor, pushing us to reflect on three elements that continually refer to each other: creativity, lexicalization and discourse.

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